Commenting Rules

As I said on the About page, I encourage comments from all of my readers.  My articles are not intended to tell you what to think, but to get you thinking.

If you have an idea or different opinion, please feel free to share.  If you just liked what you read, then feel free to express your appreciation.  However there are certain types of comments that I WON’T tolerate on my blog which are in the following list:

  1. Spam-Spam comments do not discuss the blog post or website in depth and usually are trying to sell something or get traffic to another website.  I’d like to help other bloggers get viewers, but not if they’re just using my site for ads for theirs.  Links after a thoughtful comment or ping backs will be tolerated.
  2. Obscenity-While profanity has become common and “cool” in movies, music, and in day to day life, all comments using obscene language (curse words or other) will be immediately deleted.
  3. Rudeness-This one’s a little tricky and I will try to use common sense to handle it.  Try to avoid name calling or attacking arguments that shows a lack of rhetorical creativity (i.e.: “That’s stupid…” or “Your mom…” or “Clearly you are an idiot…”).
  4. Arguing with the Admin-If you have an idea about how I could better organize the site, and it isn’t spam, please leave it on the About page and I’ll take it under advisement.  DON’T argue with my judgment of whether comments are spam, obscene, etc., or how I’ve chosen to discuss the politics and the Bible in one blog.  There are plenty of other political and Christians sites that have chosen not to talk about the other.  Go to those.  Also, I tend to keep both categories separate so that if you only want to read about politics or the Bible, you can do so without having to read too much theology or political ideology.
  5. Being Off Topic-Like rudeness, this one’s tricky and I’ll try to use common sense to handle it.  Since I’m writing about controversial subjects, it isn’t unreasonable for one subject to lead to another.  And because I only write two posts a week, I may not have touched on all possible topics and subjects.  However if a discussion inspires me to write one, I’ll ask that we hold off on it until a post has been written.  Or if one has been written, I’ll direct you to it.  This is to help discussions stay on topic and hopefully prevent pointless debates.
  6. Miscellaneous-These comments don’t necessarily fit into any of those above, but are not beneficial to the discussions.  While this is a broad statement, I believe I’ll have to rarely use it.  If you avoid making comments that fit into categories 1-5, it is highly unlikely I’ll need to employ this rule.  If I delete a comment and say it was a “Miscellaneous” comment, I will accept a challenge for it to be put back.  If I still disagree, the case is closed.  Further comments about it will be regarded as arguing with the Admin.

I reserve the right to decide if a comment breaks any of the following rules, though I will try to be fair with each one.  Best advice would be to use common sense before typing your thoughts down.


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