Storming of the Capital

While I initially started this blog to express my own political thoughts and beliefs alongside my religious ones, I think its more than obvious that part of my blog has decreased to being nearly non-existent. Sometimes I have ideas I want to flesh out and publish, but the vast majority sit as unfinished drafts. Then I reread them and find that I can’t remember what the point of the entry was any more.

There are multiple reasons for this. The more understandable reasons include a change in personal interests and use of time. Believe it or not, I was once as avid a martial arts practitioner as I was a political blogger. But other things came up and I decided to redirect my time and energy elsewhere. Plus, having a full time job in the education often leaves me feeling drained by the end of the day. I’d like to some day return to martial arts and political blogging, but it will have to wait until I feel established in my career and built up some stamina for it.

Another reason is the political toxicity of this country.

Now I’ll admit, there have been times I participated in this. Some of my earlier blogs are rather biting in their presentation, though I still believe I was keeping them as unbiased as possible. (For the record, I do not believe you can ever be truly objective. At some point, a level of bias is always present with regards to history, politics, etc.) However, I never descended into the same level of hate and unquestioned disgust displayed in modern politics especially with regards to cancel culture.

It is true that we the people should be allowed to voice our concerns, frustrations, or even anger towards those with whom we disagree. That is the whole point of freedom of speech. However, I cannot condone the use of this speech to harass and destroy the lives of those very same people. It is one thing if an employer lays off a worker because he or she has publicly acted in a manner that tarnishes the company’s image or was illegal. It is another to dox or sack someone for holding a politically unacceptable view or ideology. This makes our first amendment freedoms null and void and is akin to the McCarthy-era trials looking for communists in government. But given the world we live in, I don’t want to take chances with being able to eat and have a job versus speaking my mind while unemployed.

There’s also the growing tribalism mixed with a puritanical mindset that has taken over as well. This was particularly displayed in the 2016 elections and the 2020 race riots. (I’m sorry, but if a demonstration ends with looting, public buildings stormed, and businesses on fire, that demonstration is a riot no matter how peaceful it may have started.) The concept of political pragmatism, compromise, and accepting gray areas of politics is currently missing. And I doubt this lubricant of democracy will return any time soon.

Therefore, I’ve concluded the best and wisest course of action is not to blog politics but let those with time and no fear of losing their jobs to do it.

Until today.

Trump supporters storm Congress, halting electoral vote certification debate

The actions which took place in Washington D.C. are unforgivable. To storm the capital building, disrupting the lawful order and actions of the United States Congress, and resulting in violence must not go without comment.

First, to the die-hard Trump supporters: You lost. For nearly 300 years this country has peacefully transitioned power from one administration to another. Even the presidency of Lincoln did not begin in bloodshed. This has been the shining beacon of American democracy. Now we look like, a former President Bush put it, a banana republic. Are you so pessimistic of the future that this was your only recourse? And I buy that this was an inside job committed by Antifa and BLM as much as I believe the Klan and others infiltrated the riots last year.

Second, to the Never-Trumpers and the like: Don’t add to this. For four years you’ve tried to remove a president with hearsay, rumor, and unnamed sources who conveniently could not be contacted except by Trump’s opponents. Your credibility is sorely lacking and are no position to be saying, “I told you so” with such a monstrous beam in your own eye. If you wrung your hands during the riots of 2020, but cheered the near immediate response to activate the National Guard today, you are part of the problem.

Finally, to all Americans across the nation, please take a moment to stop. Stop looking to government for all the answers. Stop trying to put labels on each other and defending our little tribes from the “Other.” Yes, we are going to fight for who controls and shapes our culture. All of history shows that culture does not remain monolithic for long. But that does not mean it should tear a society apart. We’ve let emotions mix with our state worship of politics, greatly intoxicating an already strong liquor.

Let’s work towards becoming more sober-minded and kind to one another. Let’s work toward rebuilding our country away from the hate and paranoia that currently runs it.

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